10 Reasons You SHOULD Say “No” More Often


Know when to say No

Know when to say No

I want to start off by saying this post was 100% inspired by an article I read from DailyWorth.com. The article discussed how important it is to say no in regards to our careers, but I would like to add to that by comparing it to our personal lives as well. When you are just starting out in your career field or have decided to start your own business, saying no seems like the opposite of what you should be doing, and don’t get me wrong it may be. But how many times does saying “Yes” really benefit our careers, especially when doing so leaves us exhausted and overwhelmed? In relationships, saying yes can cause us to waste precious years of our lives dedicated to someone we may not truly love, simply because we are afraid to tell them how we feel.

If you need a bit of fire to get motivated to say “No” more often, check out my top ten reasons why you should say this powerful two lettered word more often.


10 Reasons to Say NO

  1. To Keep Your Sanity. You aren’t super woman, no one is. Success isn’t achieved by being a yes woman, either in relationships or in business. In fact, it can cause you to lose out on opportunities you do want because you are physical and mentally drained from jobs and relationships you didn’t want to have to begin with.
  2. To Be Happy. I may not know everything, but I do know that no one has ever attained happiness by saying yes to things they dreaded doing. Our intuition has a way of pushing us towards things that we really want, and in the end life finds a way to eliminate unhealthy aspects of our lives. If we refuse to listen to our gut the road to happiness will be longer and more arduous, but it will eventually reach the destination intended. Marie Forleo has a great video about this here.
  3. To Take Control over your Life. By taking on job we don’t want or agreeing to unsatisfying relationships, we in effect play the victim card. We reason, “Well, everyone wants me to do this and this, so I’ll just go with it. If I don’t, I’ll be letting everyone down.” I’ve got news for you, it’s not their fault you do too much, it’s yours. Take control of your life by saying no to things that do not serve you.
  4. For a Better Life. If you’re life sucks right now evaluate where you spend your time, and then ask yourself “If I had said no to this would I have a better life right now?” The answer will reveal if you say yes when you should be saying no.
  5. To give back to those who matter. This might be surprising, but saying no can actually benefit people you love. Refusing to go on a business meeting during the week when your daughter has a play, benefits her life and yours. Who cares about the consequences? Your child is only little once, business meetings will always be a part of your life.
  6. To Alleviate Stress. Say no when you are overworked to alleviate the majority of your stress. It is amazing how reliving it is to say no when you simply can’t do something. This applies to dinner dates with friends as well.
  7. Because you want to Make the World a Better Place. Responsibility, decision making, and integrity make the world a better place, and when you say no for the right reason you are contributing to the world in a positive way. Don’t overpromise on what you know you cannot deliver.
  8. For Equal Rights. I, for one, am dedicated to seeing the female gender excel, and we can’t do that if we continue to feel obligated to everyone. You don’t owe anyone anything except yourself, and you owe it to yourself to be truthful about what you want in life. Support equal rights within our own sex by saying no and sticking to it. No apologies.
  9. To Be More Successful. Saying no is an art that all successful individuals have mastered. I can guarantee that Oprah hasn’t gotten where she is today by saying yes to everyone who offered her an opportunity. Saying no when you don’t want to do something could be the catalyst to your personal and public success.
  10. Because it is Your Right. Saying yes because it is for the “greater good” is the exact opposite of freedom. While there are times where saying yes is necessary, you should always exercise your right to say no even if it is temporarily uncomfortable. The long-term benefits far outweigh any immediate discomfort of exercising your personal freedom.

What other reasons can you think of to say no? What is your personal experience with the word? Comment below and share your thoughts on this powerful word.

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