4 Reasons Why You HAVE to Watch Birdman!


Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) has won critical acclaim, the attention of audiences across the world and a few Golden Globes and Oscar Nods. But amongst all the press and apparent star wars, (literally Alec Baldwin and former CNN talk show host Piers Morgan have been fighting over the film via Twitter) exists a movie that represents the Hollywood culture at its core. The average person shouldn’t be able to relate to “Birdman” or the character that Michael Keaton so elegantly plays, but there is a certain humanness that I personally was drawn towards. Something that might be hard to put your finger on, but is nonetheless relate-able. If you haven’t seen the film yet, and are lucky enough to be living in one of the few cities still showing it, then you have to go see it. Need more motivation? Then check out my 4 reasons why you have to see Birdman.

  1. To reconnect with what it means to be human.

Michael Keaton plays a semi-washed up actor who was once at the center of the first superhero Hollywood blockbuster hit. He was at one time “Birdman.” However, he left money on the table when he rejected a role in the second film in the series. Mirroring his own life, Michael Keaton fit this character to a T. Like many of us, Riggan (Keaton’s character) wanted to do something more with his life than be a Hollywood joke. He wanted the respect and admiration that would come from a serious acting career. It’s hard not to relate to this character. We all want to do something bigger and better with our lives and often feel unfulfilled in our careers. Birdman beautifully displays how “having it all” doesn’t always mean having what you want.

2. Because we all have an Ego that needs to be tamed.

Throughout Birdman, Riggan hears a dark-raspy voice that is eerily similar to Christian Bale’s voice in the later Batman films. Whispering thoughts of his superiority over others along with what he once was as a movie star, the Ego urges him to go back to the big screen every time his Broadway Play hits another wall financially or talent-wise. This idea that we should always fallback on what we already know is directly related to our ego. None of us like being humiliated, so instead of taking risks we give up and listen to our egos not knowing what could have been.

3. To realize Ignorance and failure isn’t always a bad thing.

Riggan’s ignorance of the world of theatre comes to light right from the start of Birdman with Edward Norton’s character Mike Shiner, showing him up on stage in nearly every way. However, it becomes increasingly evident that Shiner is also seriously flawed. Despite the setbacks and failures that befall the show, we begin to see how their story wouldn’t be as great without said failure. Letdowns, struggle, and ignorance are a part of exploring what it means to be a human being and also tests us past our breaking point to reveal just exactly what we are capable of.

4.Because It’s an AMAZING movie!

Aside from all the philosophical mumble jumble, you should watch Birdman simply because it is an amazing movie. The acting is great, the writing is superb, and the directing and cinematography must be seen to be experienced.

Check out Birdman in theaters or rent it when it comes out on Blue-Ray. You won’t be disappointed.

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