5 Things I Miss about Breaking Bad

The series finale of Breaking Bad aired September 29th, 2013

The series finale of Breaking Bad aired September 29th, 2013

By now you’ve heard the bad news, the final season of Breaking Bad aired back in September never to return again. *SOB* Alas, we must deal with this horrible news and move forward with our lives. In an effort to stay positive I have recently reminded myself how amazing this show was and how I felt honored simply to enjoy and witness it’s unfolding on television. But my positivity was short lived as I realized how many things I will miss about the awarding winning series. Below I have gathered together the top 5 things that I will miss the most about Breaking Bad, feel free to share in my sorrow by commenting with your most beloved memories of BB.

1. Jesse’s antics. Jesse was, and still is, my favorite character on the Breaking Bad series. Pinkman had a way about him, he was mysterious yet hopelessly flawed. I identified with him the most and will forever miss him saying that precious word: BITCH! Aaron Paul’s depiction of this character was spot on and I truly could never see another actor playing him. I mean who won’t miss him yelling at Walt while fighting through his own inadequacies as man? Amiright?

2. The way I felt bad for Walt while hating what he did. In the beginning of the series I believe it was extremely easy to feel bad for Walt. I was heartbroken for him and his terminal diagnosis. Having lost my father at a young age I know what it feels like to have one ripped from my presence, so maybe my sympathy was directed more towards Walt’s family, but nonetheless I felt bad for him. No other show has twisted my emotions and made me feel guilty for liking a character as inconceivably despicable as Walter White. I miss that emotion, and don’t expect another story to bring it back ever again.

3. The suspense! Every Sunday I knew Breaking Bad would come on and I would be at the edge of my seat trying to guess where the story would go next. Would this be the week Walt would off Jesse, or would Jesse beat him to it? As quickly as the first season I was hooked on the story and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Vince Gilligan’s story writing ability is beautiful and will be impossible to duplicate.

4. How it made me feel powerful. There is something to be said about a show that makes you feel like you are living vicariously through every character. Maybe there is something to be said about how I never found myself identifying with Hank. It could be because he was the figure of authority and I always pull for the underdog. Who knows. But what I do know is I will miss the powerful emotion that flowed through my whole body every week as the first scene concluded and the opening credits rolled on the screen as the theme song played.

5. The raw emotions that rang true. Life is not easy. People all over the world find themselves in Walt’s exact situation every day. They are diagnosed with a disease and have no idea how they will secure their families future. Walt made a decision, albeit a poor one in the end, but regardless he chose to do what was best for his family. Although, some would argue he did it simply for himself (a truth he accepted in the end himself). No matter the reason for what he did we can all relate to his state, and that is what I will miss most about Breaking Bad. One day we all break bad, just hopefully we do it for the right reasons.


Walter White







“I have spent my whole life scared, frightened of things that could happen, might happen, might not happen, 50-years I spent like that. Finding myself awake at three in the morning. But you know what? Ever since my diagnosis, I sleep just fine. What I came to realize is that fear, that’s the worst of it. That’s the real enemy. So, get up, get out in the real world and you kick that bastard as hard you can right in the teeth.” – Walter White ”

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  • Matthew Blum says:

    I too have missed Breaking Bad! It was the best show I have ever had the honor of watching in my 42 years alive. The Jesse Pinkman character as played so deftly by Aaron Paul was for me as well, the character that resonated the most with me. As for the Tour De Force performance of Alan Cranston mere words cannot adequately describe how mesmerized I was by this character(s) Walter White/Heisenberg Cranston created and mastered! Pure unadulterated brilliance: every gesture, look, expression, movement, utterance and on and on was just spot-on. Needless to say the dialouge/writing of the show was top notch as was the editing, cinematography, set design, directing, soundtrack and chemistry of each and every actor/character that appeared during the series’ run. I truly cannot think of one bad casting choice or one bad acting job from anyone–including those Latino laundry workers who took those fifty dollar bills from Walt–ever to appear in the series. Breaking Bad was great from the name of the show on down to the way the credits were presented with the periodic table of the elements squares. From first shot in the pilot episode to last shot in Felina the Finale just as wonderful a work of art that was ever created.
    Having said all this, I just want to end by thanking you and everyone who ever wrote anything about the show on the Internet or anywhere else. You all did a great job and I found that I enjoyed reading about Breaking Bad just as much as I did watching it. Well not really, but we know why that is.

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