Amy Schumer is Leading the Way for Female Comedians

Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump - Arrivals I love Amy Schumer. I love her frankness, her total disregard for ‘beauty standards’ and I of course love her comedy. She’s amazing.

She’s also becoming a serious game changer for women in comedy.

Now, many people would disagree with me saying how she certainly isn’t the first female comedian to make it big in the mainly male dominated world of comedy. Rosanne Barr, Lucile Ball, Joan Rivers and countless others really broke ground for women like her to make their way to the big screen.

But Amy is the modern woman’s comedian. She goes where most comedians wouldn’t dare to go, especially men. Her parody style comedy sets her up to make fun of the ‘stereotypical’ average white girl and gives girls like me something to laugh really hard at.

She’s not exactly a ‘sophisticated’ woman by traditional standards, but her ability to put everything out there makes her so much more approachable than other women in her same class. She’s not afraid to make people uncomfortable by exploring topics we all can relate to. And for that, she gets my respect.

It’s not just me who thinks Schumer is a force to reckon with. Numerous magazines and publications have called her the summer ‘it’ girl. Her movie Train Wreck has topped the charts for several weeks and grossed millions.

I personally love her Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer”, partially because she is so brass with the topics she covers like marriage, rape, and even feeling unattractive. But also because she is universally funny. She touches on female topics while almost every other comedian strictly talks about male issues. However, she does it in a way that makes most guys want to listen to her (I say most, because there are still a few men who find her confidence off-putting).

I hope that more female comedians will embrace the imperfections of being human, and give women like myself a reason to feel ‘normal’. We all struggle, but comedy gives us a chance to break free and relax. Something we all need to do.

Check out one of Amy’s most hilarious performances yet, when she was presented with a Glamour award down below.

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