Best friends

Day 1 of the Gratitude Challenge—What Relationship Are You Thankful For?

Relationships bind us as human beings, they are the foundation for our social structures. Today is Day 1 for our gratitude challenge and funny enough, we’ll be kickin’ things off … Continue Reading →

Gratitude Happiness

10 Days of Gratitude—A Challenge To Be Thankful

Gratitude. It’s that thing you do once a year with the family while you’re stuffing your face with turkey and carbs. What if you could do it more than just … Continue Reading →

Divine feminine

Releasing the Divine Feminine Within

Have you heard? There is energy in the air that is nearly impossible to put a finger on. That voice inside of you saying “I want more out of life” … Continue Reading →

2015 New Years

3 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolutions are Doomed

So 2015 is upon us and we all know the routine. It’s time to make resolutions with hopes of changing our lives over the course of the New Year. Two … Continue Reading →


What is the Law of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction? This is a question I have asked for a long time. Alas, a client of mine started ordering article after article based on this … Continue Reading →


5 Ways to Build Confidence and Feel Better About Yourself

So I don’t know about you guys, but confidence has always been a struggle for me. Being a young woman isn’t always easy, and being a confident young woman can … Continue Reading →

self esteem

4 Ways to Build Self Esteem

  Over the years my personal self esteem has fluctuated greatly. I have seen moments where I thought I was worthless and that I would never amount to anything. Other … Continue Reading →


How Your Decisions Shape Your Destiny

Go to college or go to work for the family company? Marry the man you’ve been with since High School or send him packing? Eat the cake or leave it … Continue Reading →

Gulf Shores and Beyond 130

25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years

Well, today is my 25th birthday. To some I am still a child, to others 25 years represents a faraway number they may never reach. As I ruminate on turning … Continue Reading →


Why Criticism Kicks Ass

I am a sensitive type. I tend to be crushed if one person dislikes something I wrote, said, or even did. I prefer perfection all the time to constantly making … Continue Reading →