Gratitude Happiness

10 Days of Gratitude—A Challenge To Be Thankful

Gratitude. It’s that thing you do once a year with the family while you’re stuffing your face with turkey and carbs. What if you could do it more than just … Continue Reading →

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Top 10 Inspirational Quotes from the World’s Thought-Leaders

 Who among us couldn’t use a little extra motivation? Whether you’re trying to build a business, a better relationship, or just trying to get your shit together, a little inspiration … Continue Reading →


Random Thoughts of Peace, Love and Hate

What does it take to be loved? A certain look? The right number on your birth certificate? Or is there a certain skill that it takes to make someone love … Continue Reading →

Know when to say No

10 Reasons You SHOULD Say “No” More Often

  I want to start off by saying this post was 100% inspired by an article I read from The article discussed how important it is to say no … Continue Reading →

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Top Five Female Bloggers that Inspire Me

1. Marie Forleo. For me, Marie is the end all and be all of female entrepreneurship and blogging. She is smart, savvy, and not afraid to fail. I resonate … Continue Reading →