Day 1 of the Gratitude Challenge—What Relationship Are You Thankful For?

Best friends Relationships bind us as human beings, they are the foundation for our social structures. Today is Day 1 for our gratitude challenge and funny enough, we’ll be kickin’ things off by practicing gratitude for our relationships.

Take out your journal and start by writing down the first names that come into your consciousness. These people are likely your closest friends and families. The people you could never imagine your life out with.

Begin writing down their best qualities, what it is that they do that makes you so thankful they are in your life. Are they a great listener? Do you love the way they make you laugh? Do they support you when you’re not at your best?

Think deeply about these people and how they touch your life and heart.

Once you’ve written down their best qualities, summarize what they mean to you in your life. Express yourself as best as possible, and don’t worry about feeling silly, we’re doing this exercise in a journal for a reason!

Benefits of This Exercise

Whether you’re lonely and feel like you don’t have enough friends, or simply find yourself taking your friends and families for granted, the act of simply writing down the names and qualities of people who mean the most to you gives you a boost.

Reflecting on your relationships helps you realize just how luck you are. Many people have no support network, but yours may be stronger than you think. Simply reflecting on how rich your life already is helps you generate real happiness. Also, it helps you appreciate and cherish the people in your life.

Share in the comments one person who you’re thankful is in your life, and let the gratitude spill over into your day!

P.S. You can and totally should include pets in this list!
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  • Amanda says:

    I loved this Day 1 challenge. I actually teared up writing it in my journal.
    So many people are important to me and it was a nice reminder. This is a great challenge to remember what I am grateful for.

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