Day 2— What Place Are You Grateful That Exists?

Favorite place Imagine your favorite place on the planet. Perhaps it’s a little café on the corner of a beautiful street in your favorite city in the world. Maybe it’s a private nook in your home or apartment where you run away to read books. A babbling creek that runs through your property is another possibility. Wherever it is, visualize it as if you are there at this very moment.

Once you have that place locked in your mind, how do you feel? Are you thankful?

That is the premise for today’s challenge. I want you to sit down and really think about where it is you feel the most alive, the most like yourself. That feeling of safety and security naturally generates a sense of gratitude.

Ask yourself, what place on this planet am I most thankful exists? How would I feel if I could no longer go there? Concentrate on the sensations, sounds, and emotions that emanate from that location and look inwards to reveal they come directly from your own spirit.

Take out your journal and write down the details of your favorite place. Get in-depth. Then write down why you’re thankful it exists and what it means to you to have a place that makes you feel at home.

If you feel bold, share your favorite location in the comment section below!
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