Day 4—What Skill or Talent Are You Grateful For?



Gratitude is often something we look outside of ourselves to find. We immediately gravitate to the material objects in our life and easily show our thanks for them. But gratitude isn’t complete unless it includes ourselves.


Today, I want you to think about the skills and talents you have. Even if you don’t think you’re good at much, envision your emotions or how others benefit from your existence. All of us bring unique talents and skills into the lives of others, it is just a matter of recognizing them.


If you struggle to come up with something, ask a friend or family member what they love about you. Is there something you can do that they wish they could?

Fix that skill or talent firmly in your mind and then contemplate the affect it has on your life. Who would you be without it? How have you benefited because of it?

Whether you’re a singer, athletic, or simply naturally compassionate, give thanks for that unique ability. Recognize how truly precious it is, and see how often you take it for granted. Make a change to start appreciating yourself, and realize how truly blessed you are right here and now.

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