Day 7—Can You Feel Your Heart Beat?

Your heartPlace your hand over your heart. Do you feel the soft thumping of your heart beat? If so, today is a great day to start being grateful. Why? Because you’re alive.

Our heart beats on tirelessly no matter what we’re going through at any time. It doesn’t give up on you, and you shouldn’t either.

The commitment our bodies have to us is beyond what we can fathom. We exist solely because of the sacrifices and tireless work that the microorganisms inside of our bodies do every single day.

Today I want you to notice what it feels like to be alive, and take a moment to express gratitude for your heart, lungs and body. Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life, especially things you take for granted, and watch as your life begins to change. It’s empowering and inspiring at the same time.

See you tomorrow for day 8 of the 10 day gratitude challenge.

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