Day 8—Appreciate your Greatness

Horseshoe Lucky On day 8 of the gratitude challenge, I ask you to look within. So often we spend our time judging ourselves, beating ourselves up for what we don’t have or what we aren’t. I say it’s time to change that. It’s time to appreciating who we are.

Each one of us is special. We had to fight off over 99 million other sperm just to come into existence, let alone the odds of us being the egg that was fertilized.

Not to get too TMI here, but these are facts. We are each lucky to be alive, and I believe there is a reason each one of us is on this planet.

Spinning out farther, think about how awe-inspiring it is that there is life on this planet at all. Scientists have yet to find another planet like Earth, and here we are, alive and breathing. It’s a miracle.

Contemplate what it means to you to be alive. Discover how much of a miracle you really are. And once you’re ready, appreciate your greatness with a heartfelt journal session.

See you tomorrow on Day 9 of the gratitude challenge.

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