How Personal Relationships can Help or Hurt your Business

Arelationshipss women we are hard-wired to be successful in relationships. Our mothers and grandmothers passed onto us the nurturing caring attitudes that make a house a home. But in the modern world more women are finding themselves in the cut-throat world that is business. And as the world gets smaller and smaller it seems to be more difficult to find genuine people to develop relationships with. But if you are serious about making it big in the business world you have to understand how important relationships are to your success. Below are 5 ways your business can be affected by both positive and negative interactions with people in your network.

1. Relationships get you through the hurdles of life. Whether it’s your big sister who has always supported every dream you’ve ever had, or your BFF from high school who helps you blow off steam our personal connections are vital to remaining sane when the going gets tough. Studies show that personal relationships lower your stress levels and boost your confidence, and if you want to be successful in life you need a supportive network of people who are there for you no matter what.

2. They motivate you to do better. Long-term friends are outside observers on our lives and can see what makes us tick. I didn’t realize I liked to write until my husband and sister brought it to my attention. They helped me take a step forward on the path to my success just by motivating me to go for it.

3. They teach you how to communicate. From our earliest formative years we learn how to communicate, love, trust, and grow through our personal relationships. As we grow older we learn that business is built upon these qualities. The stronger your personal connections are the more capable you will be at growing a business network.

4. Negative relationships hold you back. Have you ever had a friend who makes you feel like you aren’t good enough by pelting you with incendiary comments? You know, the friend that has always been jealous of you for being pretty, smart, and kind. Ya that girl, she’s holding you back and you should cut ties with her sooner rather than later.

5. Bad relationships distract you. This is especially true in the romance department. Women who are indisposed dealing with a dead beat boyfriend, husband, or lover are not focused on their business. They are wasting their energy dealing with drama instead of paying attention to the importance of expanding their skills and moving forward. As young women we have a tendency to get caught up in looking for the right man instead of the right job/business, and this leads to missed opportunities and heartache. Check out Marie Forelo’s opinion on relationships that don’t match your life goals by clicking here.

Ladies we’ve worked hard for what we’ve earned, and for those of us looking for something even better relationships are vital for propelling us forward. Analyze your relationships and see if you can find areas for improvement or just say thank you to the wonderful people in your life. Tell me how important you’ve found positive relationships to be in your business by commenting below! I’d love to hear your stories.


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