Just When Morgan Freeman Couldn’t Get Any Cooler–He Went & Said This!


Who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman? I know I do, and he just did this awesome interview with the Daily Beast that made me love him even more! As a 77-year old man, you wouldn’t automatically assume Freeman would be in favor of what his generation called “reefer,” but apparently he seriously loves the greenery.

In 2008, Freeman was in a severe car accident and suffered some serious nerve pain in his arm and hand. He also suffers from Fibromyalgia, which causes unbearable discomfort throughout his body. To help numb the pain, his wife suggested he take up toking, and the rest is history.

During his interview with the Daily Beast, Freeman said, “The only thing that offers any relief is marijuana.” He also went on to talk about how children suffering from seizures get relief from marijuana when nothing else seems to work. For this and other reasons, he firmly believes weed should be legalized.

You guys, I LOVE that Morgan Freeman came out in favor of legalizing Cannabis! Prohibition has been going on for far too long, and we shouldn’t continue to criminalize a plant that has real medicinal benefits. After all, drugs like tobacco and alcohol are legal and we have yet to see any serious medical benefits come from them. And I don’t know about you, but I was never asked to vote on legalizing deadly prescription meds, yet those are as pervasive as ever.

I like to think that the average person is smarter than propaganda. Most of us just need to be shaken up a bit and have facts presented to us in a clear, logical way to understand why marijuana should be legalized. But for the rest, all I can say is you’re wrong. After all, no one can argue with Morgan Freeman.


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