Random Thoughts of Peace, Love and Hate

PeaceWhat does it take to be loved? A certain look? The right number on your birth certificate? Or is there a certain skill that it takes to make someone love you, and those who don’t possess it can never attain true love?

My whole life I’ve sat back and watched as other people were loved, when in my mind they didn’t deserve so much as the time of day. I always sat on the outside, longing for what they had and wondering what I’d done wrong to be seen as unlovable. Was it the way I looked? Historically, gingers weren’t always the most popular, unless it was a woman in medieval times who just so happened to be some old guy’s concubine, and I decided a long time ago that if that’s all I could get, I’m fine without it, thanks.

So therein lies the problem. How do you balance what undoubtedly attracts love in this world with who you really are? Some of us don’t worry about balance at all. Choosing instead to dive head first into a fake world full of fake reflections, personalities and egos, all setting idly by praying for our ultimate demise.

Shit, fake is the word I would use to describe much of our world. We have fake food, fake friends, fake politicians—hell, even our money is fake. It’s quickly coming to the point where it’s impossible to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. In world driven by a love of something so far from the natural human state, it’s really no wonder so many of us feel completely lost, confused, and abandoned.

See, that’s the real problem. Those of us whose compass is working, find ourselves among a world of people so lost they may never find their way home. Blind. Unworthy. Cold. Self-loathing.

We say, “fuck you” when someone cuts us off in traffic, and barely react if they let us ahead of them in line. “I lay claim to all of this”, is our attitude and we keep on taking even when there is nothing left to take. This is how we treat our lives, our jobs, our friends, and our home the Earth.

“Love isn’t the answer, hate is” should be the motto of the American people. Fuck black people. Fuck gay people. Fuck women. Fuck Democrats. Fuck Republicans. And especially fuck Muslims. Hate, hate, hate, hate.. and on we go, chaotically using hate to protect us from the pain that sits inside each one of us.

If we learned anything from the greatest members of our race like Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa, it should be that it takes far more strength to love than it does to hate. Hateful people are weak, driven by their own problems and determined to make them everyone else’s. They seek and find any outside source to blame for their pain, never to realize that it can only be found within themselves.

Everyone cries for world peace, but refuses to seek it. World leaders are human beings, they aren’t some ineffable spirit creatures, unaffected by human fallibility. Peace begins in each one of their lives. Love begins in their hearts and in ours.

We have to change the way live. Shedding the veil that sits atop the human race starts with each one of us. We should choose peace whenever we can. Peace when someone cuts us off in traffic. Peace when someone breaks our heart. Peace when we don’t get what we thought we wanted. Peace when we talk to ourselves. Love precedes this peace. If we can find a reason to love, a reason to change, and a reason to seek a better life for ourselves then maybe we can cure humanity.

We’re all that there is in the known universe. Don’t you think we owe it to consciousness to at least try to act like we give a shit?



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