Finding Peace

Day 10—Find What You’re Thankful For

Today is the final day of the 10 day gratitude challenge, and I want to do something a bit different. I want you to find what you’re thankful by digging … Continue Reading →

positivity  and negativity

Negativity and Positivity—Why We Need Both to be Sane

Any human being that has lived longer than their tenth birthday recognizes that life is in constant flux. From one passing moment to the next, it morphs into a new … Continue Reading →


Random Thoughts of Peace, Love and Hate

What does it take to be loved? A certain look? The right number on your birth certificate? Or is there a certain skill that it takes to make someone love … Continue Reading →


The Pros and Cons of Workplace Romance

Every now and then I hear someone say, “I would never date anyone I worked with.” But is that really so? How many people can honestly say that they never … Continue Reading →