Your heart

Day 7—Can You Feel Your Heart Beat?

Place your hand over your heart. Do you feel the soft thumping of your heart beat? If so, today is a great day to start being grateful. Why? Because you’re … Continue Reading →


Day 3—What Are You Most Grateful for In This Moment?

Tony Robbins is an award-winning motivational speaker and best-selling author. He also happens to have one of the most inspirational gratitude practices I’ve ever heard. Check out the video to … Continue Reading →

Favorite place

Day 2— What Place Are You Grateful That Exists?

 Imagine your favorite place on the planet. Perhaps it’s a little café on the corner of a beautiful street in your favorite city in the world. Maybe it’s a private … Continue Reading →

Best friends

Day 1 of the Gratitude Challenge—What Relationship Are You Thankful For?

Relationships bind us as human beings, they are the foundation for our social structures. Today is Day 1 for our gratitude challenge and funny enough, we’ll be kickin’ things off … Continue Reading →

positivity  and negativity

Negativity and Positivity—Why We Need Both to be Sane

Any human being that has lived longer than their tenth birthday recognizes that life is in constant flux. From one passing moment to the next, it morphs into a new … Continue Reading →


5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

While nearly the entire continental United States is in a state of freezing temperatures and icky weather how can you stay happy and healthy? There are 5 important tips you … Continue Reading →


Why Criticism Kicks Ass

I am a sensitive type. I tend to be crushed if one person dislikes something I wrote, said, or even did. I prefer perfection all the time to constantly making … Continue Reading →