The Power of I Am–How You Can Harness It

The Power of I AM“God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”; and He said, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”–Exodus 3: 14

Facing the world’s most powerful Empire up and until that point, Moses used the words ‘I AM’ to explain the reason he thought he could set the Jews free. Obviously, this beats out saying “Hey guys, I just talked to a burning bush and it told me I can set us free.”

If you’re like me and take the biblical stories symbolic rather than literal, what does I AM mean? What did it mean in the context of ancient Egypt, and what does it mean for us today?

The Meaning of ‘I AM’

As the story goes, Moses was instructed by God to rescue the sons of Israel from the grip of the Pharaoh. But Moses was just a man, and was concerned that his brethren wouldn’t take him seriously or that he’d be killed. When asked by Moses who should I tell them has sent me, God’s response was simply, ‘I AM’.

Notice that he didn’t say, “I will be with you,” or “tell them I’m pretty good at what I do.” He simply told Moses, “Tell them I AM has sent you.”

What was the significance of that statement?

I AM is effortlessness. It is simply means, he is that he is and what he chooses to do has already been done.

How to Apply It

The words that follow “I AM” directly affect how you feel. When you say, “I AM sick” “I AM worthless” “I AM Fat” you become it. What we feel is what we are.

We literally create our own reality. No matter how many times someone says we are something it isn’t until we begin to believe it that we start to represent it on the inside. This is why many people can be told good things and never believe them.

Ultimately it is up to us to determine what it is that we will be. Our “I AM” can be anything, and that is the source of God. I AM is the will that makes things so, it is like clay in a potters hand, and you are the potter.

Words are powerful. Many an argument has been started over a negative statement or an insult. People have even lost their lives over something they had said to someone.

In our personal lives, it’s imperative for us to use our words to bless our life and our future. We have so much working against us already, why add to that by turning against ourselves?

Instead, we can use the power of I AM to transform our lives. Whatever we say we are will follow us. Who we believe we are is what we are.

Science even backs this up. Our brains were long thought to be set in stone after we reached adulthood. As it turns out, our brains are what they call “plastic”, meaning they can change with experience and perspective.

In other words, you can become whatever it is that you wish to be. You simply are that you are. I AM that I AM.

Discover Your Power

I AM is simply your Being, consciousness, awareness. It changes as you change your beliefs. You create this reality. So, it’s rather obvious, you are God. This is the greatest secret and mysteries of the ages. Discovering God really means to discover your power. But you have to believe it, and say it.

For more information about the Power of I AM, I highly recommend reading “The Power of I Am” by David Allen. You can listen to the audio book for free on YouTube via this link.

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