The Pros and Cons of Workplace Romance


Every now and then I hear someone say, “I would never date anyone I worked with.” But is that really so? How many people can honestly say that they never dabbled in a little bit of office romance? I stand by my conviction that nearly all adults have found themselves in a workplace romance at one time or another. Of course, I do agree that there can be some downfalls to falling for someone whom you work with. To help you sort out whether or not you should ask out that cute guy who works down the hallway from you, I have crafted a sort of check list of pros and cons for workplace romances below. Let me know what you think by commenting after you read through the list!


You have a partner in crime.

Work becomes much more interesting.

It’s exciting and somewhat naughty.

You know they are employed (this is a bigger pro than you might think).

You can carpool to work and save on gas.

You get to know one another first hand and see how they handle stressful situations.

It’s hard to get stood up.


You have to deal with gossip from your fellow coworkers.

Your work suffers, and so does your ability to get a promotion.

It is a constant never-ending cycle of seeing one another which can cause arguments.

It is possible you will lose your credibility as a hard worker and maybe even the respect of your boss.

Once the break up comes, an avalanche of regret comes with it. It could even end up costing you your job.

The possibility of jealousy over each other’s job title or promotions.

Fights can break out because of an overly jealous partner because of something someone else said to you.

If and when you break up you have to deal with seeing your ex every single day. Is that something you are ok with?

In the end, I literally have tons of experience with workplace romances. Many of them were awful but one was wonderful and led to my marriage. Weigh the pros and cons before you enter any relationship at work and take your company’s policy regarding romance into consideration before you drive off into the sunset with what you think is the man of your dreams.

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