Your How To Guide To better Communication



While some might say that communication comes naturally to them.. I am simply not one of these people. I have always had a knack for listening, but when it comes to expressing myself, I often come across as a rambling mess. However, I recently discovered a few tricks to improving my communication. Today I want to share these tricks with you so you can improve your own communication.

  1. Listen to listen, not listen to speak. Because our brains are super computers with the capacity to work far faster than our mouths, it is easy to get caught up in thinking about our response to a conversation instead of really listening to what is being said. Try this the next time you have the urge to blurt out whatever comes to mind; Listen. Absorb. Respond. In that order!
  2. Be conscious of your nonverbal communication. Nearly 60% of our communication takes place non-verbally. That means that what you say with your body has a greater impact than what you say with your mouth. Actors perfect the art of nonverbal communication. Check out this video to see nonverbal communication in action, and become more aware of your own body language in you day-to-day life. Click here for the video.
  3. Become more emotionally aware. Sound’s boring I know. You cannot effectively communicate unless you are fully aware of your emotions and are keenly attuned to other people’s emotions as well. Emotional awareness will help you deliver negative messages in a calm, clear, and caring manner instead of resorting to destructive behavior.
  4. Don’t take stress out on anyone else. Go for a walk, meditate, or take a hot shower to release your negative emotions instead of having a conversation when you feel angry. Taking a step back from the situation will give you a greater perspective of what is going on and can reduce the stress you feel on the whole.
  5. Talk to the other person as they are your equal. At times this is all that is needed to have a meaningful conversation with another person. Instead of saying, ‘You never think about what I want’ say ‘How can we work to resolve this issue so we both get what we want?’ The result is better communication all the way around.

Whether you want to communicate better with your boss, loved ones, or with strangers use some of these tips and let me know what the results are. I would love to hear your response!

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